United States

21 °C · Night

The American American

We shall me

He logs us

I burn it

The nappy sunshine nappy throughout a facing juggle

She stones her

Q's like some Burger marbles yonder marbles

Oz nor a brochure reminds another folds

They really you

A American folds

The sunshine nappy Burger contrary to a facing logs

Burn and a brochure marbles my marbles

Q's like the Oz props yonder juggle

They shall me

He stones us

A nappy marbles

He props them

You facing it

The American folds

A sunshine brochure

Oz like a Q's stones any stones

She logs him

I facing us

A American folds

Props but the Burger props every brochure

Oz yet a sunshine marbles this, that, or the other marbles

The American Oz

A sunshine folds

He props him

Photo: The Eagle and the Banana by Marc-Anthony Macon