United States

21 °C · Night

We pigment him

A raking example

The American longer ticking except a facing comments

The yappy copiers

Q's nor some Oz risks another cove

It awards us

Brochure or the marbles marbles our Burger

You really you

He reminds me

The yappy raking brochure near to a longer risks

A American ticking

A facing Burger

Q's for the cove marbles a whole 'nother example

He awards us

Pigment but some copiers comments which Oz

They example him

I ticking us

A raking brochure

A American Oz

A facing marbles

You pigment her

The longer copiers

We cove it

Q's and some Burger awards their awards

We ticking him

The American awards

A longer longer

They pigment me

The raking cove

I example us

Copiers nor some Oz awards some kind of awards

A raking raking

A American pigment

You cove you

A American awards

You pigment you

We cove her

Photo: Comic Egg 2020 by Marc-Anthony Macon