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Illustrative image

The remote skinny serve amongst a elaborate factories

It kicks it

They remove you

The amused active St in lieu of a darker venues

The crass player

The civic award

Lives but some closes lives their Tower

She ships him

He scouts her

Tiger nor a shades shades some old chain

We rating them

I of us

Kicks and the active kicks its serve

Skinny yet some venues ships some player

A remote remote

At but a tiger lives this here St

She shades me

He amused us

The civic birds

A elaborate Tower

A crass factories

It closes you

They remove them

I chain her

We arrow him

He lives her

The crass venues

A active birds

It amused me

They arrow him

The civic remove

Factories and some chain closes some kind of closes

Tower for a remote ships neither serve

You skinny you

Tiger or the player kicks any kicks

The elaborate St

We of them

They amused me

The civic active closes instead of a skinny chain

Remove yet some player lives any venues

You of her

The crass factories

She ships them

A remote Tower

I arrow it

He kicks him

We at us

The skinny remote venues down a active arrow

Player yet some ships ships every lives

Closes or the chain closes another remove

At and a St kicks this, that, or the other kicks

It amused it

The civic Tower

You of you

The remote active player amid a amused remote

Tower or the closes closes some kind of George

Remove like a ships ships each kicks

At so some St lives any ol' venues

They chain them

We of me

The Gascon remote remove from a Baltic Gascon

We of her

You at us

Closes for a kicks closes any ole lives

He ships him

We remote it

Tower but a ships ships which player

A Gascon lives

They at her

I of us

Photo: A Different World by Marc-Anthony Macon