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London, UK

Illustrative image

He trees them

It sums him

Spits or the Bombay spits each and every Apollo

The Indian White steakhouse per a retail fall

A common shock

A Vegan voice

They of us

We error me

You forget her

I error you

Trees yet some retail trees this here steakhouse

The Vegan spits

A common glaze

Fall and a co sums any ol' Indian

They forget them

We of it

A White White

The Vegan spits

The retail co

You of you

The common steakhouse

The White White

The Indian Indian

We fall them

She sums him

Trees like a Apollo trees any Bombay

The retail Bombay

A Indian Apollo

She spits us

A Vegan Vegan

A White co

A common common

We of her

Photo: The Subordinate by Marc-Anthony Macon