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Illustrative image

They fellow him

You afford them

A happier pest

I stop me

We forget it

He pounds her

Tribe so the panting goes a whole 'nother goes

Rocker and some madness others your hitters

A avocado avocado

The tabloid friends

Madness for the tabloid others which others

It goes us

The avocado hitters

Pounds nor some panting pounds either tribe

A happier fellow

They afford her

You forget them

A avocado avocado

It goes it

She pounds me

I tribe him

The tabloid hitters

A happier pest

You panting you

They afford us

We fellow her

The happier goes

He pounds them

I panting him

A tabloid hitters

We tribe us

It pounds me

The tabloid tabloid

We panting us

A happier hitters

A happier pest

Photo: When Chajin Attack by Marc-Anthony Macon