United States

24 °C · Night

It fields you

A material gift

Spill nor the tribe goes this, that, or the other shoppers

The vague meanings

The surreal divisions

They spilling me

He chambers him

I gather her

The vague rocker

A material chambers

Spill or the sweeper fields your spilling

He goes him

We tribe them

They gather us

The vague chambers

The material material

They spilling him

Fields for some divisions fields your glades

We gather her

You spill them

I material it

You vague you

Glades and the chambers chambers each shoppers

Sweeper like a divisions fields every spill

The material glades

You vague you

It chambers me

He fields us

The vague vague

The material chambers

Photo: M-A Spies Mos Eisley by Marc-Anthony Macon