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Illustrative image

The bleach happier silence atop a upper composers

A lobster talent

I matter you

He assures us

Debate but a deadline limbs each and every triangle

Viewers nor the object uniforms said choirs

We rise her

They hotdog it

We bleach them

It uniforms us

They deadline me

The upper lobster pest prior to a happier rise

He assures her

You matter you

She limbs him

The upper matter

A lobster lobster

The happier triangle

They silence it

She limbs us

He assures him

I deadline her

We rise you

Object nor a hitters uniforms which viewers

It assures them

Upper but a viewers uniforms any ol' matter

I deadline him

A happier pest

They lobster me

You silence her

We object us

Hitters for a viewers assures our matter

They silence him

The upper happier upper close to a lobster pest

The upper upper

Matter nor a lobster assures this viewers

They silence it

The upper viewers

I matter us

Photo: Solitude in Sumi by Marc-Anthony Macon