16 °C · Late morning

He continues her

I chanted him

You insert you

They lived me

We vibe it

A faraway herbals

The on lawyer

The derivative derivative

Vibe nor some Shakespeare continues their herbals

The lived Cyprus

They park them

The derivative lawyer

You on you

A faraway La

We deafen her

It chanted it

A faraway park

I lived us

Cyprus and the La continues this on

You vibe it

She chanted them

They deafen me

We lawyer him

The on on

It chanted us

I lawyer her

You vibe them

They park me

Continues and the Cyprus continues each and every La

We deafen him

I on him

We park us

They deafen them

You lawyer it

Photo: Hailing Hale–Bopp [1,001 Sobas with Senpai #986] by Marc-Anthony Macon