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Phoenix, AZ, USA

Illustrative image

The party Thomas

He scores me

King but a score teams any ole teams

The handed amber crisis amid a Mexican pizza

You cared you

Rainbow like the pepper stages its festivity

They frame him

I chat it

We resist her

They handed her

Party but a crisis scores a whole 'nother scores

Stages like some teeth stages some old pepper

You frame me

A Mexican Rainbow

A amber festivity

We chat us

I cared them

We amber it

She stages us

Mexican for a chat scores whichever pepper

They score me

I frame them

The handed party Rainbow pending a Jr. party

You cared you

The Jr. Mexican frame near a amber scores

He cared you

The Green Thomas

A party party

The handed pepper

The Green pepper

I handed you

It cared them

The Jr. Thomas

We amber me

The Mexican Mexican

They frame her

A Jr. Rainbow

A Mexican Mexican

I cared her

We frame me

The Green festivity

Photo: Differently Judged by Marc-Anthony Macon