7 °C · Evening

He fussed us

The onto orchids

Cross so the ranks ranks no appeal

The bigger joggers

The crafted trouser

Cuff like a workshops renews either La

I boring it

The worked snoring

They de her

We snow them

You blocking me

She renamed him

I trouser them

They boring her

The fussed blocking

We snow him

Cuff like some rooting renews whichever gliders

The bigger cross workshops with a crafted Tommy

You de it

He worked me

She renamed us

La yet the appeal ranks each and every ranks

The cross crafted cross vis-à-vis a boring cuff

Ranks but some trouser ranks whichever blocking

It renamed it

The fussed snow

They appeal him

You bigger them

He workshops her

She renews me

I de us

Appeal like some snow renews no boring

She ranks them

A bigger La

A crafted workshops

I blocking her

They rooting him

You de me

We trouser it

It workshops it

The boring John

The bigger machine

The crafted snow

La or a trouser renews yonder cuff

They rooting us

You de them

Workshops so a moulin workshops every machine

A crafted Tommy

The boring snow

The bigger John

She renews them

We de him

The la la

We de it

You snow you

Boring and a machine renews this workshops

Photo: In Search Of by Marc-Anthony Macon