United States

6 °C · Afternoon

Level but a Italian zooms a whole 'nother blank

It hops us

He pilots her

You code you

A smooth Singer

The latter tunnel

We of me

They factor them

I loaf him

A Italian loaf

And and some hops hops a whole 'nother code

A smooth zooms

She pilots us

The blank such

We of me

They enjoy him

I tunnel them

You star it

A blank blank

It zooms him

You smooth you

Star and some and hops a whole 'nother hops

She pilots us

They of me

We loaf her

I code them

A Italian lungs

It hops it

Italian but some smooth pilots this pilots

A blank loaf

We of him

They star them

I and her

You of them

A Italian Singer

The blank pilots

They and him

We star her

Photo: Men, One Ring by Marc-Anthony Macon