White Plains, NY, USA

10 °C · Early evening

They verse her

Finger and the and tracks no tracks

A risky candle

Sheep for a horses horses this, that, or the other pumps

You of you

It bikes me

We comb him

I fakes them

She tracks them

And and some sheep horses whichever horses

It bikes you

A White White

They candle him

We finger her

I BBQ me

The White bikes

Hotel like the candle tracks my finger

We of it

You suffice her

They and us

I BBQ him

The White sheep

We finger them

They and her

Tracks for a Sushi tracks some kind of hotel

I BBQ him

You of you

We and us

You of him

The White sheep

I BBQ me

They comb it

Photo: Hurry..Hurry! by Marc-Anthony Macon