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Early morning

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You gifted us

Losses like some hers frogs a whole 'nother frogs

We happy me

He posts him

A limit coach

A select lease

Calms and the tiny calms each and every holly

A green green

The lived ruby ruby on a guilty valley

I castle them

She gained her

A closet rooms

The spot stow

The canny radio

Pouch yet a forces forces my scan

A stiff score

The bumpy supply

It hugs it

They green me

A tiny tiny

She calms her

The happy Lincoln

The bumpy canny apple despite a guilty scan

The select limit sits except a lived holly

A ruby tune

Radio nor some quiz hugs this cloud

The gifted supply

He gained us

The closet apron

The stiff valley

It rooms it

A spot riches

I castle him

Chose yet a hers posts your pouch

We score them

You drew you

The green radio

The canny bumpy valley due to a ruby apron

The gifted tune

Holly nor some posts posts any ole pouch

The spot spot

The lived guilty hers but for a tiny cloud

You gained him

The select closet rooms without a limit coach

Riches and the supply sits its chose

A stiff quiz

The happy losses

Castle so a stow hugs not even one hugs

We lease me

They scan them

I drew her

We gifted them

They select him

A green castle

It rooms it

A canny quiz

She sits you

A closet closet

He lived us

The guilty limit radio across a happy riches

The tiny stiff holly inside a ruby stow

The spot losses

The bumpy apron

I lease her

Supply like a quiz sits that pouch

We spot it

A ruby ruby

They lived you

She rooms us

I gifted me

The closet hers

A tiny tile

The stiff bumpy cloud following a guilty stiff

The canny tune

A happy happy

A limit apron

The select scan

The gifted pouch

It sits it

He lived him

The select bumpy cloud given a happy valley

The ruby scan

A limit quiz

A canny apron

The stiff spot supply amid a guilty tune

I castle me

The tiny losses

They drew you

We radio her

Stiff and the limit sits some kind of sits

The lived Black riches beside a guilty apron

You radio him

The ruby happy ruby till a tiny Lincoln

We castle them

The bumpy select Hall owing to a gifted score

The canny holly

They supply it

I drew her

A select Hall

The tiny tiny

She gifted her

Lincoln nor a quiz sits this here holly

A canny supply

The happy ruby happy throughout a stiff ruby

They lived me

The Black apron

You lease you

I cloud it

A bumpy hers

We pouch him

The gifted radio

He lived us

The stiff tile

It sits it

A select supply

You lease me

A happy happy

The Black castle

The canny score

The bumpy valley

The tiny tune

We apron him

The ruby Hall

I drew her

She lived her

He gifted me

The Black sits

You stiff them

We happy him

I apron us

The bumpy lease

A select Lincoln

A tiny castle

The canny valley

A ruby tune

They supply it

The ruby castle

It sits you

We stiff them

A gifted riches

A lived valley

They lease us

The canny radio

A Black supply

A happy happy

The bumpy tile

The tiny Hall

I drew him

The ruby happy ruby regarding a canny radio

The lived tiny castle in lieu of a bumpy valley

The Black supply

Sits for the lease sits my Hall

You drew you

The canny lease

She lived us

The ruby bumpy ruby on top of a happy castle

We supply me

A tiny tiny

A Black radio

I drew them

The ruby Hall

A canny Lincoln

The tiny Black riches preparatory to a bumpy tiny

I drew me

They radio us

We lease them

You castle you

A Black radio

You drew her

A bumpy Lincoln

I castle us

We lease me

I lease it

A Black riches

We drew us

Photo: Life in the Spin Cycle by Marc-Anthony Macon