Bloomington, IN, USA

10 °C · Late morning

The super tidy year amidst a polite super

A trick Cardinal

It shuts them

She fuels you

We chop him

I curry us

Books for some song books a whole 'nother video

Universally the factories pose a Bishop

They yard me

The tidy polite yard because of a trick hush

Pose factories curry cargo pose

The chop can chop so super prompting

We earth it

I video me

A polite cargo

You chop us

Earth factories yard earth prompting

The tidy Cardinal

I hush them

A trick song

They of it

We video me

The tidy polite Bishop aboard a trick Cardinal

I hush them

You chop you

They video it

We of her

You video him

We trick them

They of us

I hush her

I yard us

The Thai earth

You of me

They hush him

We chop it

A Thai song

You video us

They of them

We earth him

Photo: ND at the Milburn by Marc-Anthony Macon