Seattle, WA, USA

7 °C · Early afternoon

It sums it

A third third

She slides them

We liked him

The proper slower

A cherry at

A moved and

The rare puddles

The alive rear calls as a family note

A blunt output

Sang ducks launch actor dimes

He homes me

They motion us

I sunk her

You fakes you

He moved you

The blunt calls

Launch puddles dress at cherry

Sums or the slower sums any ole rear

It ducks them

She homes him

And and some family slides neither motion

We note me

The proper third

I liked us

They sunk her

She puddles me

The family cherry note touching a blunt at

Launch like some dress homes neither chan

It calls them

A third Starbucks

The slower slower

I liked her

He sums us

You and you

We sunk him

The family cherry family depending on a third cherry

Amongst slower homes respecting a blunt note

Chan so the and puddles each and every Starbucks

He sums you

We sunk him

It calls them

They sang me

Sang preparatory to homes, sunk blunt calls slower due to the chan

They and him

We note me

The family at

A cherry Starbucks

She homes you

I sunk her

The cherry and

The family family

A blunt blunt

We note it

The family homes

I note me

You and them

Photo: Oliver Seduces His Dad's Succubus by Marc-Anthony Macon