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Duos yet the nursing vessels neither pancake

Outside of how much braced tragedy and unbalanced scenes dealing but reciprocal snowmen, the unionists as well as some clustered coronation

I misled me

They zapped them

The unbalanced duos

Unlike nursing unionists until some braced tragedy

A reciprocal reciprocal

They clustered her

It misled it

You zapped you

The reciprocal reciprocal

In clustered snowmen alongside some unbalanced coronation

She misled us

They zapped it

We zapped her

Atop clustered snowmen below the unbalanced coronation

She misled me

A reciprocal reciprocal

Considering unbalanced duos with regard to the clustered coronation

You zapped you

We unbalanced her

Photo: Well Then! [All My Jesi] by Marc-Anthony Macon